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Aumüller Kettenantrieb K134 Konsolenpaar KS4 Al glanzverchromt *

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Versatile Mounting Solution for Window Frames: Aluminum Cast Set for KS4 Drives

Our aluminum cast set is ideal for mounting KS4 drives with F41 and F42 on both inward and outward-opening window frames, offering both rigid and swivel mounting options.

Sleek and Durable Aluminum Cast Design

Crafted from high-quality aluminum cast material with a sleek and durable glanzverchromt finish, this set not only ensures longevity but also adds an aesthetic touch to your window installations.

Complete Set for Convenient Installation

Each set comes with four M5x10 screws, providing all the necessary components for a seamless and hassle-free installation process. With this complete set, you can efficiently secure your drives in place without any additional hardware.